Mireya Alonzo is a mixed media artist who works and lives in Los Angeles. Born to parents of Salvadorian and Mexican decent, Alonzo grew up in the Downtown, Rampart, and Pico Union districts of Los Angeles.

Through her work she recounts her experiences and examines a woman’s role within traditional social structures. Her work also strives to illustrate a woman’s unyielding sexuality, strength, and gender nonconformity. She earned her Bachelors in Art Education and teaching credential through California State University, Long Beach, completed her Masters in Education and Administrative Credential through the University of California, Irvine. 

Currently, she works as an arts educator and K-12 arts administrator in Los Angeles. 

Working as El Ponk:  Adopting the moniker El Ponk enables Alonzo to create her art as a separate individual.  She defines El Ponk as a play on words symbolizing the melding of languages, subcultures, and genders. The mix of languages, narratives, and cultures gives way in her interpretation of what it means to be an Angelino in the ever-changing landscape of the city of Los Angeles.