Homestyle Braises on Handmade Tortillas

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All tacos default to a medium level of spiciness when served except for our Chiles Toreados. All tacos can be served without chile upon request (except for the Chiles Toreados). 

Our entire menu is gluten free, however, our camarones are prepared with a small amount of teriyaki (which contains soy). 

Disclaimer: Our vegetarian options are NOT vegan. However, upon request we do offer a vegan taco prepared similar to that of our Camarones, consisting of sautéed red and green bell peppers and onions. 

All tacos are $2.95 with the exception of our seafood options, which are $3.25

Steak Picado
Flank steak simmered with green bell peppers and bacon. Served with green serrano chile atop black beans. 

Mole Poblano
Shredded chicken breast in a nutty Poblano style Mole. Served with sour cream, queso fresco, red onion and dried chile. 

Pork rinds simmered in chile verde. Served with green serrano chile, atop black beans.

Mexican sausage en su jugo served with red onion, green serrano chile and chile arbol atop black beans. 

Squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn and onions. Served with queso fresco and a mild chipotle sour cream.

Hongos con Cilantro
Mushrooms cooked with cilantro and onions. Served with green serrano chile and queso fresco.

Fajita-style shrimp, onions and bell peppers served with a mild chipotle sour cream.

Queso panela, grilled and served with a mild chipotle sour cream.

Aguas Frescas
L to R:

Jamaica: Hibiscus iced tea

Melon: Cantaloupe water

Armando Palmero: 2/3 Limon, 1/3 Jamaica

Limon: Lemon, Lime water

Horchata: Cinnamon rice milk.


Bistek en Salsa Roja
Flank steak simmered with red bell peppers and tomatoes. Served with chile de arbol and avocado above black beans.

Tinga de Pollo
Shredded chicken breast braised with tomatoes, cabbage, chorizo and chipotle.  Served with chipotle chile and avocado.

Chuleta en Chile Verde
Diced pork chop in a chile verde. Served atop black beans with chile arbol, green serrano  chile and sour cream.

Cochinita Pibil
Shredded pork cooked in a sweet, red achiote spice atop black beans. Served with Yucatan compliments, Pickled red onions and habanero chile. Taco defaults at a 3 on scale of 1-10. Proceed with caution

Frijoles con Queso
Black refried beans served with queso fresco and topped with chipotle chile. 

Chiles Toreados
Habanero, serrano, jalapeno, and thai chiles blistered together over high heat. Served on top black beans. Adjustments kindly declined. This taco is extremely spicy.

Grilled white fish, served atop black beans. Topped with cabbage, avocado/ cilantro cream, chile arbol, and pico de gallo. 

Quesadilla con Chorizo

The taco formerly known as the 'secret menu item': queso panela, grilled and complimented with chorizo. Served with a mild chipotle sour cream.

-this taco is priced at $4.50