Ernesto Quinonez

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 Ernesto Quinonez Curiel was born in Mexico and  raised in Los Angeles. As the 3rd youngest out of 12 children Ernesto was raised El Monte. His early exposure to art was through graffiti in the streets, inspired by his brothers low riders magazines, and the comic-books from the liquor store. Graduating from from high school and earning his BA from U Mass Boston University in fine arts. It was in Boston that Ernesto found his voice as an artist. 

There he was able to reflect and get perspective about the forces that shaped him as an artist. As an artist one can create artwork that is influenced and inspired by the people and city of Los Angeles. Currently at Guisados Burbank Ernesto displays his next interpretation of the famous Any Warhol’s 1961 “Campbell's Soup Cans”, which is sometimes referred to as “32 Campbell's Soup Cans" blending of his own culture and influence.