Para Los Ninos


Para Los Niños is a non-profit organization that provides education and wraparound support to over 6,000 of L.A.’s neediest children, youth, and families each year. Since 1980, PLN has fostered pathways to success by striving for excellence in education, family support, and comprehensive social-emotional, and community-based services.

Arts education is a key component in the well-rounded nurturing of a child’s brain. Para Los Niños approach to excellence in education recognizes the impact and importance of the arts being incorporated for our students. The majority of Para Los Niños students speak English as a second language, or have households who do not speak English. Art provides the chance to express their knowledge in ways beyond a test, providing multiple entry points for a child to learn and connect.

All pieces were created by students at the Para Los Niños Charter Schools in grades TK-8th as part of an end of year assignment. Each grade works together to develop pieces that express their research in creative ways that reinforce their understanding, while building creativity and fine motor skills.

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